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Kids Rentals 

6ft Kids Acrylic 


Kids Rustic 8ft Farm Table

$125.00 Each 

Kids White Chiavari 


Kids White Tiffany Throne Chairs 

$50.00 Each 

King David Lion Throne Chair 

$50.00 Each 


Kids Clear Ghost Chair 
$8.00 Each 


Rattan Curvy Chair 
$8.00 Each 

Pink Rattan Chair 


Blue Kids Rattan Chair 



Kids White 8ft Farm Table

$125.00 Each 

Kids Ghost  Chiavari Chair


 $7.00 each 

Bow Tie Chairs 

$9.00 Each 

Kids Gold and White Tiffany Chairs 

$50.00 Each 


Rattan Hammock Chair 
$8.00 Each 

Kids Pink  Ghost Chair $8.00 Each .

Rattan Bench 

$30.00 Each 

Rattan Display 


Wicker clothing Rack 


Gold Back Chairs 

$14.00 Each 

Kids Cross Back Farm Chairs 

$9.00 Each 

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